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What is broadband ?

Broadband is an internet connection that provides high-speeds. Broadband replaced narrow band also-known-as dial-up internet. A typical broadband package will also come with a WiFi router, allowing users to connect wireless.

Which broadband deal should I choose ?

The best broadband deal for you depends on where you live and what’s available in your area. You’ll also need to think about how you use the internet and what broadband speed you’ll need. our broadband speed is the fastest in the UK Bear in mind that it’s usually the fastest connections that are the most expensive.

What Types of broadband are there ?

There are a few different options when it comes to broadband, and where you live can narrow down your options. ADSL : It’s a common choice of broadband which uses your existing telephone connection. You only need a home phone line to get ADSL broadband and it’s widely available across the UK. Fibre optic : Provides you with a super-fast connection which could offer more stability during peak usage times. May be the right choice if you have lots of people streaming videos or gaming in your home. Unlimited : Unlimited broadband has no cap on the amount of data you can use. Providers may use traffic management to prioritise usage, whereas truly unlimited broadband frees you from any traffic prioritisation. Expect to pay more for a truly unlimited package.

Should I get a broadband, phone and TV package ?

It’s possible to bundle your broadband, landline and TV package together which could work out cheaper than buying them separately.

What's the best broadband provider ?

The best broadband provider for you will be the one that can give you what you need at a great price. If you use the internet a lot, an unlimited broadband deal with a high speed might be the right choice, but it will cost more than a slower package.

What Broadband speed do I need ?

The speed you require will very much depend on your circumstances. If you stream content or play games online, you may want a faster connection than perhaps someone who uses the internet to shop online or use social media. The number of people in your household should also be a consideration. Superfast broadband with speeds of 900mb is now available.

How can we help you with business broadband ?

A secure, reliable, and fast broadband connection is essential for most businesses. If you need to use the internet for work, then you should consider business broadband over a standard home broadband deal.

Do I need business broadband ?

Ask yourself how your business would cope without a reliable internet connection. If you take contactless payments, trade online, or use email, then a stable and efficient broadband service is vital. While business broadband tends to cost more than home broadband, you're paying for extra features, services and security that means your business can continue to operate online.

What’s the best broadband for working from home ?

Depending on your usage then a home broadband connection might fit your needs but be sure to check the terms and conditions. Essentially you should make sure you have a fast connection. If your home working involves email, web work and sending the odd document then a standard domestic 17Mb ADSL connection should be fine. If you’re making video calls and sending large files throughout the day, then you may want to look at faster connections, unlimited usage, and business broadband.